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What if I have technical issues?

At Dev’s Edge, user friendliness is one of our core objectives. If in the event that you do experience any form of technical difficulty, please email us at devsedge246@gmail.com with the following details:
• Your first and last name.
• Page & section of which difficulty was experienced.
• What exactly was the problem encountered?
• What do you think could have been done to improve?

How do I get featured on Dev's Edge?

Without a doubt, it is our upmost pleasure and aim to help you connect and showcase your work to the world. If you believe that you are a dedicated entrepreneur with a difference, then we would be pleased to work with you. For further information on how to get featured, please email us at devsedge246@gmail.com

How do I collaborate/ advertise with Dev's Edge

We are very open to doing collaborations with other established organizations. We are also open to helping you promote your business or event. For any such requests, please email us at devsedge246@gmail.com with your business proposal and we will respond within as little time as possible.