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The honest truth…

Sometimes we just need to “shut up and listen.” For years, and even more prevalent now, parents, relatives and friends have been turning a blind eye to the concerns of their children and love ones. Angie Castro, an up-and-coming photographer and filmmaker from Cali, Colombia has decided to capture one of the many challenges that teenagers face in today’s society in her first-ever short film entitled “CONMIGO“. The video illustrates how a young bisexual daughter experiencing relationship issues tries to confide in her mother about her situation. Instead of being the listening ear that the daughter needed, the mother blatantly disregards the daughter’s view and labels her as crazy and confused, needing psychological help. After being rejected and left with no where to turn, the daughter inevitably decides to take matters into her own hands by fatally overdosing on drugs, leaving her mother to lament on her harsh reactions and neglect.

Watch video below!

The entire video project took about 2 months and was very challenging as she needed comfortable actors like protagonist Yeraldine Acosta, along with the right location and production equipment to achieve the end goal. However, with the help of TAKESHIMA STUDIOS, Angie was able to successfully highlight this ongoing Latin American social issue as she quotes: I wanted to capture the problems that many young people experience every day due to their sexual orientation and how the lack of support from the family affects them emotionally and can bring negative consequences, in this case, death.” Always remember…

Listen first, you never know how much the other person needs you.

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