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Dress well but stay true to you!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be “in the do” and experimenting with the latest pop culture trends like the “ohh so famous” Jogger pants. However, sometimes, it’s just best to know who you are and do you well.

With the passing of these various outlandish styles and reoccurring seasonal trends, Marcus Murphy certainly takes note but remains in his corner. He stays true to the old adage that says “simplicity is best” and then takes to the streets to make a statement which breathes a breath of fresh air.

With a passion for dress he’s transforming into the ultimate voguish male-model with stylish trends and a classy lifestyle. Marcus Murphy effortlessly carries himself well while his style translates into the perfect combination of class and relaxation.

At age 33, Marcus enjoys fine living, unique accessories and colored light cotton quality fabrics that identify with his tropical male chic character and captivating persona. His “put-togethers” are simple enough but he does certainly have it going on as he also carries himself with a classic “Euro-bourge” style which remains pure and true to who he is at heart.

Marcus advises that “dressing to kill” is where most young males go wrong and that the simpler things like attention to detail, quality accessories, the right sizes and holistically matching the right colors can do the trick quite well.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”